Mark Kelly, BA (Child and Youth Care), MEd (Counselling), CCC

Clinical Director

Mark Kelly is a Canadian Certified Counsellor who has provided individual and group counselling for children, youth, individuals and families for over twenty five years. He has provided therapeutic services in isolated, rural and urban settings throughout Canada's North. While Mark primarily works with clients addressing trauma, he has extensive experience with individual and group counselling to address addictions, anger management, anxiety, couples, conflicts, depression, self harm and suicide. As well, he deals with family conflict, grief and loss, mental health, parent-teen conflict, personal issues, and youth issues.

Mark also provides workshops covering diverse topics such as abuse prevention, suicide prevention and intervention, community building, emotional literacy, living in relationships, stages of change and parenting troubled youth. Mark works extensively with first nation communities and residential school survivors and their families. Mark was a part of the clinical team for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and he is currently the Clinical Director for Northern Focus Counselling and Support Services.

Laura Lee Nimilowich, MA, RP

Intake Counsellor

Laura Lee is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and a graduate of the Toronto Institute of Relational Psychotherapy. Her approach is client centred where she creates a collaborative relationship with individuals, couples and families to empathetically explore and address chronic emotional, mental and relational distress.

She also holds a Masters in Religious Studies and has extensive experience working with diverse client populations.

Meg Grudeski BA (Psychology), MA (Counselling Psychology), CCC

Meg has experience working with high-risk populations within harm reduction and solution-focused models. Meg has specialized experience working with addictions, self-harm, youth-at-risk, parent-youth relationships and conflict, parent coaching, anxiety, and suicide intervention and prevention.

Meg is a Master Trainer and facilitator of Applied Suicide Interventions Skills Training (ASIST), as well as a registered SafeTALK trainer. She delivers suicide education workshops to youth and adults in Northern communities to improve readiness, willingness and ability to provide suicide first aid. Meg is a Canadian Certified Counsellor and is presently providing services to individuals, parents, youth, and families.

Svenja Weber MC, CCC, Provisional Psychologist

Svenja is a provisional psychologist with the college of alberta psychologists. She lives and works in whitehorse. She specializes in working with adults who have experienced trauma in either childhood or adult life. Svenja is a professional member of the parnell instititute, California and is near completion of her certification in Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR). In her work, Svenja also uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT )and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). 

Joseph Graham, MC:AT, CCC

Joseph Graham is a Canadian Certified Counsellor and Registered Art Therapist who has worked in the Yukon since 2001. Joseph helps people and families of all ages to communicate difficult issues and to face their challenges in an inspired and creative way.

Joseph has professional training and experience with individual, couples, group and family counselling on a range of issues including trauma, grief and loss, relationships, transitions, attachment, addictions and meaning making. With compassion and creativity, Joseph offers professional problem solving for people wanting efficient, positive change

Craig Dempsey, MSC, CCC

Craig Dempsey holds an undergraduate degree in Criminology and a Master’s degree in Forensic and Legal Psychology. Craig has been a therapist in the Yukon Territory for over twenty years specializing in the assessment and treatment of risk and dangerousness, psychopathy, violence, aggression, and sexual deviancy.

Craig provides cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in areas such as general emotional management, anger, anxiety and depression. Craig works closely with couples and families to address general relationship conflict, power and control in relationships and parent-teen conflict. Craig also specializes in forensic counselling and risk assessment in the areas of sexual addiction, inappropriate sexual behaviour, emotionally, physically and sexually inappropriate/intrusive behaviour. Craig has extensive experience in the development of treatment programs and group counselling.

Patricia Bacon, PhD (Sexology)

Patricia Bacon holds a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality and works in private practice with individuals and couples experiencing intimacy and sexual concerns. She teaches post secondary courses in human sexuality and provides talks and workshops on sexual development, intimacy, and pleasure. As a sexologist, Patricia believes in supporting and encouraging all people to explore their sexuality and to embrace and respect sexual diversity.

Pat Bragg, BA, BEd

Pat has extensive experience in the field of peacemaking, conflict resolution, mediation, parenting assessment, and clinical training. She has worked as a mediator in both public and private practice for over 20 years. Pat’ s qualifications include degrees in English Literature, Counselling and Education and a Teaching and School Administration Certificate. She has been certified in negotiation and mediation skills through the Justice Institute of British Columbia’ s Conflict Resolution Program and Child Protection Mediation. She has been certified to use and train others in the Virginia Satir Model of Counselling by the Satir Professional Development Institute of Manitoba. 

A valued member of the Conflict Resolution/Peacemaking community in Canada, she has presented her work at the national level at many conferences. Most recently, Pat has worked for as a family mediator, parent coach and evaluator, with official designation from the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of Manitoba, Canada at Family Conciliation in Winnipeg. The current focus of her private practice is parent coaching and coordination, personal injury mediation, family mediation and personal growth coaching. She continues to train therapists in Dubai, Turkey and the Kingdom of Bahrain. Pat believes in supporting individuals, couples and families to weather conflict and changes in their circumstances.

Juliette Anglehart Zedda, BA Eastern Philosophy & Cultural Studies, MC Psychology, Certified Body-Centered Psychotherapist, CCC

Juliette began in private practice 14 years ago and is a Canadian Certified Counsellor, Psychosomatic therapist and Certified Yoga instructor. Juliette volunteers widely in the community as a doula, marriage commissioner, and Hospice Yukon member. She understands the Northern reality, the challenges and the opportunities people face when living in the north. Juliette’s expertise is working with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief or loss.

Juliette also specializes in working with mind/body issues such as physical trauma release, weight control, poor confidence related to self-image, lack of body awareness and sensuality or pleasure, chronic illness or disability management, competitive or obsessive mind control over body, and self-harm. She has worked with children and their parents to develop parenting skills and attachment, and to help with emotional and behavioural management. Juliette enjoys conducting group therapy and support groups. She uses various approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Rolfing, CranioSacral work, Hakomi, Expressive therapies, Yoga and Mindfulness. 

Juliette is fluent in French, English and Spanish and is at ease working with people from various cultural or religious backgrounds.

Marian Bos, MC, CCC

Marian Bos has a Master Degree in Counselling Psychology, has much experience in mental health, addiction and trauma treatment. She completed specialized Equine Assisted Psychotherapy training.

Marian is also a recognized EMDR therapist and is working on Somatic Experiencing certification. In addition she has completed Reiki levels I, II and III. Marian has worked for over 15 years with Youth and Adults in the North.

Bruce Handley, PhD, Registered Psychologist

Dr. Bruce Handley has been working as a clinical, organizational and forensic psychologist for more than forty years. Bruce's extensive clinical skills in mediation, negotiation, conflict resolution, and organizational psychology, have proven effective when devising EAP services program for organizations including the University of Alberta. He also has advanced training in managing trauma and critical incidents. Most recently, Bruce has served as a Primary Clinician with Health Canada's Residential School Dispute Resolution Program assisting claimants process issues associated with trauma suffered while attending residential school.

Bruce is First Nations and a member of the Metis Nations of Saskatchewan. He was raised and educated in the North until he went to university. He is regularly invited to work with various First Nations communities across Canada addressing mental health issues, personal/work related problems and addictions.