Mark Kelly, BA (Child and Youth Care), MEd (Counselling), CCC

Mark Kelly is a Canadian Certified Counsellor who has provided individual and group counselling for children, youth, individuals and families for over twenty-five years. He has provided therapeutic services in isolated, rural and urban settings throughout Canada's North. While Mark primarily works with clients addressing trauma, he has extensive experience with individual and group counselling to address addictions, anger management, anxiety, couples, conflicts, depression, self-harm and suicide. As well, he deals with family conflict, grief and loss, mental health, parent-teen conflict, personal issues, and youth issues. Mark also uses photography as a creative medium for personal and social change.

Mark also provides workshops covering diverse topics such as abuse prevention, suicide prevention and intervention, community building, emotional literacy, living in relationships, stages of change and parenting troubled youth. Mark works extensively with first nation communities and residential school survivors and their families. Mark was a part of the clinical team for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada and he is currently the Clinical Director for Northern Focus Counselling and Support Services.